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Education in New Zealand

New Zealand Schools, Universities and Institutes are known for their high standards and hands-on approach to learning. Qualifications obtained here are recognized Internationally and welcomed by employers worldwide. The education system is based on that of the British and prides itself on world-class infrastructure and resources, and passionately dedicated teaching staff.

The education system values both academic and practical, skill-based achievements and encourages students to be questioning, flexible and to seek their own answers. Interactive classroom sessions where students are encouraged to raise questions is an important part of a New Zealand education, and youngsters are encouraged to have original thoughts and debates.

New Zealand’s universities perform very highly on a global level. Overall, five top New Zealand Universities are in the 2012/2013 Shanghai Jiao Tong top 500, and seven in the 2012/2013 QS World Top 500 rankings. On individual subjects, the QS rankings also placed New Zealand universities amongst the world’s top 50 for accounting and finance, computer science, civil engineering, economics, medicine, agriculture and forestry and 13 other important disciplines.

New Zealand is a multicultural country and there are sizeable communities of students from Europe, Asia and the Pacific Isles. An increasing number of African and Latin American people also call New Zealand, home. People from all cultures, races and accents are more than welcome here. With its rich heritage of hospitality, an education in New Zealand forges lifelong friendships. International students quickly find their way around and settle down easily in this country.

For the deserving, a wide variety of scholarships are available for international students through the New Zealand government, educational institutions, foreign governments, and private funding sources. The amazing opportunities for education, the unique culture of this warm and welcoming country, and the incredible landscape make studying in New Zealand a truly unforgettable experience.


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