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Studying in MALTA

Malta is a southern European country & a member of the European Union (EU) since 2004 and the Schengen Zone since 2007. Malta is a tourist destination with numerous recreational areas and historical monuments, including nine UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Malta has rich reserves of limestone, a rich tourism industry, film production and electronics manufacturing, to name a few. They are progressive in nature and have taken steps to increase their level of technology use in several industries.

Apart from the obvious tourist destination, the economy of Malta depends on foreign trade, manufacturing & film production. The major languages spoken in Malta are English & Maltese.

Maltese Education

Higher education was introduced in Malta and influenced by the British education system, of which they once were a part. In 1996, computers were introduced, creating great change in the university environment and opening many doors to careers in fields such as computer information systems, technology, and advanced programming. Malta is proud to provide an excellent education to students who wish to achieve academic excellence and gain an international mind-set.

Studying in Malta gives the students easy access to elite universities. In the meantime, with her long history of the health service since 1372 and her continuing effort in health care improvement, Malta is ranked fifth by WHO’ s Measuring Overall Health System Performance among 191 Countries. Respect is given to the medical staffs, and the local hospitals provide high-quality service in the finest of facilities. The sound economic environment and the perfected facilities ensure your high-quality life. Students from within the EU, the US and a number of other countries do not require a visa to study in Malta for less than three months. Students from outside the EU you will be required to obtain a visa, which can be done at the Maltese, embassy in their home country.

The Maltese educational system is very similar to the British education. In higher education most courses are taught entirely in English. Popular courses are Logistics and Supply chain, Hospitality & Tourism, Science and Technology, Health Sciences, Economics, Management, Engineering and more. The courses are offered at diploma, undergraduate and postgraduate level.

Undergraduate Certificate in Nursing (Bridging Course)

This course is intended for non-EU citizens who are already in possession of a B.Sc. in Nursing Studies but who lack particular components in accordance with EU Directive 2005-36-EC. The course will hence bridge this knowledge gap and will allow participants to apply for registration with the Maltese Nursing and Midwifery Council. This course will develop the students’ knowledge and understanding of multidisciplinary work in health and social care settings. It is designed to provide an overall insight into concepts of Quality Management (QM) and how issues of quality are related to health and social care services. In this course, different methods of data collection and some basic statistical tools applicable for data analysis during the process of quality assessment will be discussed.


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