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Mr. Dini Dominic

Mr. Dini Domini has been part of the foundational leadership team of the Health Careers Group of companies from inception and has played a key role in creating the company vision and direction. On proving his mettle as a leader and visionary, he was elevated as CEO of the Group in 2015. A mechanical engineer by profession, Dini gained vast exposure and multi-dimensional business insights from diversified business sectors across India, UK and the Middle East. His impeccable interpersonal and administrative skills have helped boost the vertical and horizontal g rowth of the organisation

Mr. Dini Domini K


Mr. Mohandas G

Mr. Mohandas has over 30 years of experience in the education and information technology service sectors in India and abroad. A Bachelor of Arts degree holder, he provides leadership, management and operations expertise on the overall functioning of the company. Mohandas is skilled at motivating and building successful teams, and with his innovative management techniques has succeeded in boosting company revenue and profitability. He oversees all operations and optimises processes to ensure consistently high team performances. As the Operations Director of the Health Careers Group (India), Mohandas is known for his dynamic leadership, strategic planning and problem solving skills.

Mr. Mohandas G

(Operations Director)

Mr. Dini Domini K

CEO, Health Careers Group
Email: dini@mwt.co.in

In today’s global economy, being armed with an overseas qualification is sure to guarantee a bright future. Studying abroad can provide an all-round edge to students who wish to work and live overseas. Not only do they have a diverse set of study programs to choose from, but they can also get specialized skills that will hold them in good stead in leading corporates across the world.

At MWT Education Consultancy, we believe in the power of education to open doors and enhance lives. We have written the success stories of many of our students, matching them to the study programs of their choice in prestigious universities abroad. We support every student’s endeavour and try to make a genuine difference in their careers, helping them to hold their own in a challenging global market.

What makes MWT stand apart is the personalised support and guidance that is given to each of our students. Our teams work in close alignment with our core values of Innovation, Caring, Excellence, Honesty, Openness and Trust – ICEHOT. Our success is measured in the career growth of the thousands of students and professionals who have achieved their dreams with our support.

MWT’s primary focus is on Direct Registration programs for overseas qualified nurses who are looking to make their career abroad. Through one-on-one support, we offer exam preparation support for qualifying exams, registration application guidance, English language preparation training, financial guidance and career advice for hundreds of deserving professionals; helping them to get rewarding careers in countries like Australia, New Zealand, UK, Ireland mainly.

By following ethical processes in international student admissions to the best universities abroad, we are steadfast in our mission to hand-hold students to get admission in higher study programs in leading institutes abroad not just in the healthcare stream but in domains such as Engineering, Management Pure sciences, and Arts to name a few.

Our migration and visa services are second to none. Our team of experienced consultants have the knowhow and the expertise to handle migration and visa applications for different categories such as student/work/PR and more. Our visa success rates are among the highest in the country.

And we don’t just stop there! Through our widespread partner network of institutes, healthcare facilities and agencies across the world, we have succeeded in providing global job placements assistance for many healthcare professionals, helping them to reach the highest echelons of success in their career path.

We’re very thankful for your continuing support and the trust you have placed in us. Together, we can build a better future!