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How can I obtain a nursing registration in Australia?

Internationally qualified nurses are required to submit an application to the Nursing & Midwifery board of Australia (called AHPRA) for an eligibility letter. Upon receiving the eligibility letter you may apply to colleges or Universities for admission to a bridging program. Thereon you may obtain registration which will enable you to work as a registered nurse in Australia.

What is the Language proficiency requirement to apply to AHPRA?

You must have obtained IELTS academic grade of 7 for listening, reading, writing and speaking tests, and an overall grade of not less than 7. Or You must have OET not less than A or B in all modules. Equivalent PTE and TOEFL scores are acceptable. Clubbing scores are acceptable. Please refer to AHPRA website for more details on clubbing.

Is it mandatory to have some prior work experience at the time of applying to AHPRA?

Yes, it is mandatory to have prior work experience in order to apply to AHPRA.

When can I take my family to Australia?

Your family can join you upon obtaining a job visa, soon after you find a job.

On which visa will I be attending the bridging program?

You can attend the bridging program on visa subclass 600 (Business visitor Stream) or visa subclass 500 (Student visa)

What is the processing time for the bridging program?

The processing time for the bridging program is approximately 4-5 months.

Does MWT Education provide any support while in Australia?

Yes, our associate office Health Careers International in Melbourne & Perth will provide assistance in regards to accommodation, transportation, visa, job search and any associated help you may require.

What visa should I apply for while going for my Bridging course ?

Sub Class-600

What are the visa forms that I need to fill for 600 visa?

1415 and 956A

What will be the duration of this visa?

3 month (or 1 year multiple entry visa depending on the visa application meeting conditions)

Can I extend it while in Australia or New Zealand?

No, you cannot extend a visiting visa.

What are the Medicals to be done during the visa application process?

501, 502, 707, 708 and 716

What is single entry and multiple entry visa?

Single entry means you can enter and exit only once, multiple entry means you will have to exit every three months.

What are the details for fund to be shown for my visa?

Savings or fixed minimum 3 month maturity or a Loan

What do you mean by source of fund? How to show source?

Source means show documents proving from where has the fund come to the applicant. All sources are not accepted.

Who can sponsor my studies?

Any blood relative

What type of loans can be shown for Visitor visa?

Loan against FD

How long does it take to get a Visitor visa?

15 to 45 working days

What are the immunizations be taken by a nurse before clinical placements overseas?

Depends on College requirements but mostly a list of standard immunizations are provided at the time of getting the offer letter.

What reports are required to be shown for immunizations?

Blood titer reports and mandatory vaccines

What is the validity of these immunization reports?

6 months

Do I need a PCC before I travel? Where do I get a PCC from?

Yes, from the nearest Passport Seva kendra or Akshaya center - depends on the country you live.

What documents should I carry when I travel to Australia for my course?

All of your traveling documents and original certificates

Do I need to carry uniforms when travelling for my nursing course?

Yes you can keep 1 pair

Can I take my family along with me while going for the Bridging course?

This visa doesn’t permit to take your family

What kind of clothes should I shop for?

Depends upon climate at the time of travelling. But do carry some formal wear and a few traditional attire for occasions.

How much cash should I carry with me?

Approximately 3000 AUD

Should I have a return ticket since I am travelling on a 3 month Visitor visa?

Yes, we do recommend you travel with a return ticket.

Do I need to take Insurance before travelling?

Yes, insurance can be taken initially for 1 month and then extended to cover the length of total duration of stay.

What is AFP?

Australian Federal Police Check. This is a mandatory requirement.

Is having a gap in work experience a problem for visa?

You have to explain the gap and the reason in your Statement of Purpose.

How to write a strong SOP?

Guidelines will be sent to you by our Visa experts so that can you build a strong SOP.

What are the forms I need to fill for a Student visa to Australia?

Application for a Student Visa is an online process

Can I apply for my spouse and children as dependents along with my primary application for a Student Visa?

You can definitely apply, but as it involves lots of risk we don’t recommend it.

Does the University help me with accommodation arrangements?

Yes, most of the universities will help candidates with initial accommodation arrangements

Can I make my own arrangements for accommodation since I have relatives in the city?

Yes, You may make your own accommodation arrangements.

I am a nurse registered in India. How do I migrate to Australia?

Migration for nurses is possible only after gaining registration in Australia.

How can I get registration as RN in Australia / New Zealand?

By either undergoing the adaptation course for nurses on meeting eligibility criteria or a Study program which leads to registration with the nursing board

What is the procedure for Australian RN registration for an international nurse?

The candidate must be minimum Bachelors, should clear the English language requirement and must have an experience of Min 3 months in the last 5 years. On getting a Decision Letter from the nursing board, candidate needs to undergo the adaptation program. On completion of the adaptation course, they can gain registration.

What is the procedure for gaining registration as RN in New Zealand?

The candidate must be Bachelors, should possess English language requirements, and must have an experience of minimum 2 years in the last 5 years. On getting Decision Letter from New Zealand Nursing Council, needs to successfully complete the CAP adaptation course.

What are the application fees for AHPRA and NZNC?

AHPRA application fee is 660 AUD and NZ CAP application fee is 650 NZD

What is the procedure to gain registration in Ireland for internationally qualified nurses?

The candidate must be a Diploma/Bachelors Nurse. Must possess English language requirement and must have 1 year experience in the last 5 years where they hold registration. Applicant needs to pass the nursing board exams in Ireland including a clinical exam.

I am a registered nurse from India and wish to work in UK as RN. How do I go about it?

The candidate must be a Diploma/Bachelors Nurse. Must possess English language requirement and must have 1 year experience in the last 5 years where they hold registration. Candidates have to successfully pass the nursing tests including a clinical exam in UK.

What is the Bridging/Adaptation program overseas?

These are short courses for international nurses to meet the nursing standards of each country. These are mandatory to gain registration/ to become Registered Nurse.

I am a graduate and wish to pursue my Masters in Australia. How do I go about it?

Applicants must meet the eligibility criteria for their chosen course including the English language requirements. On application to the University, they will be offered a place depending on availability for the intake. Most universities do not accept a break in studies of more than 5 years (exceptions are considered).

Can I apply directly to a University and get admission?

Yes, but most universities recommend applying through an authorized agent.

How can I transfer my tuition fees to my University abroad?

You can either transfer it from your bank or through any good Forex agent.

Is it mandatory to take an English language test if I wish to study overseas?

Yes, unless your course does not require it.


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