How to Find Accommodation for Students in the UK

UK as a study destination is one of the most sought-after locations for international students. Graduating from institutions that date all the way back to the 12th or 13th century gives one a sense of pride.  

Are you searching for affordable yet high-quality student accommodation in the UK? For international students looking for housing in the UK, there are many possibilities available. You must base your decision on factors such as your budget, the possibilities available, the location, etc.  

Here is a guide to explain the pricing and other pertinent details when you choose study destination UK. 

Types of accommodations for international students in the UK 

International students can find plenty of private (non-sharing) and shared accommodation in the UK. Among the popular choices are the following: 

University Halls:  

Most institutions assign first-year students to university halls. These are residence halls that are run by academic institutions. You can make new friends, live with other students, and have quick access to your classes, the library, clubs, activities, and more. Not all university residence halls are always on campus. Halls are an excellent method to get used to living alone; they help you get ready to live in private housing in the future. 

Private halls:  

In the UK, there are many possibilities for specially constructed student housing. These complexes offer rooms, which is a choice that is becoming more and more popular. The common rooms and amenities, which include televisions, kitchens, etc., are managed by the suppliers. For students, there are also studio apartment units available. London and Manchester are two of the top UK cities with private hall suppliers. The majority of institutions maintain lists of approved private housing providers. They might also collaborate with a handful of them.  

Additional private lodging choices:  

Those who don’t like living in dorms or common areas might move into rental homes, flats, and other accommodations with their friends or in groups. The environment that you choose to live in is your choice. Additionally, you have a wide range of hotel options to pick from. However, the search procedure is a little time-consuming and difficult. 

Cost of student accommodation in major cities 

This section will cover the price of off-campus housing for students, particularly in the UK’s largest cities. Most institutions provide residential halls for first-year candidates. But later, a lot of students opt for off-campus and private living. One-bedroom apartments often cost between 610 and 740 GBP per month, while three-bedroom apartments can run between 975 and 1,255 GBP per month. 

Here is a more detailed look at typical rents in the main UK cities (per month) 

London- 1100-1300 GBP 

Manchester- 860-1100 GBP 

Brighton- 838-1300 GBP 

Birmingham- 700-1200 GBP 

Oxford- 1100-1700 GBP 

Glasgow- 800-1000 GBP 

Edinburgh- 700-1000 GBP 

Portsmouth- 422 GBP 

Cities like Brighton, Exeter, and Portsmouth are among the more affordable ones. In the UK, en-suite rooms cost about 6698 GBP annually. For London, this increases to 9,878 GBP, while for the rest of the UK, it rises to 6,451 GBP. 

How can I book student accommodation on-campus or off-campus? 

Off-campus student accommodation is simple to locate in the United Kingdom. This is feasible if your university has a list of accredited private housing providers and partners and if they don’t have enough housing to meet students’ demands. In your preferred area, you can also check out advertisements for private and student accommodation. 

How can I book on-campus accommodation or even off-campus student accommodation?  

After accepting the university’s offer, you must submit an application for accommodation on campus. While you’re waiting for your offer, continue looking at lodging options. University applications are typically submitted online, where you must specify your preferred residence, type of rooms etc. You might not, however, always receive your first choice.  

Private accommodations can be reserved after direct contact or online applications with the provider. Deposits are required in both situations, i.e., for both university and private halls. This could vary from 150 to 500 GBP, depending on a number of variables. Make sure that details like the UK guarantor are appropriately finalized (the guarantor takes responsibility for rental payments in case of any default by the tenant).

After migration to UK, you could find it pretty expensive to live there, no matter if you are a student or a family. Nevertheless, you can save a lot of money if you plan and take a cautious approach. Even though these modifications may appear unimportant, they have a huge impact on your whole budget. If you need further assistance, contact MWT Education Consultancy who have fulfilled the aspirations of countless students who wish to migrate to UK.