Five Benefits of Studying at Australian Regional Universities.

Extra migration benefits can be obtained if you study at a designated regional university in Australia, and many international students are now choosing this route. Some other great reasons why you should consider studying in regional Australia include the relaxed lifestyle and work-life balance, a chance to get to know the ‘real’ Australia, and a more down-to-earth, personalized university experience. Read on to know more!

Extremely affordable cost of living

Compared to big cities like Sydney or Melbourne, regional education is more affordable and so is the cost of living. For example, a student in Townville or Cairns can live comfortably in a spacious apartment on just AUD 800-1200 per month, while in Sydney they would need to shell out AUD 2000 – 2500 per month and manage with cramped spaces, and Adelaide would cost between AUD 1500 and 1700 for similar accommodation.

Opportunities for Permanent Migration

Students who are looking at applying for Permanent Residency down the line will find that they can get bonus points if they study in a designated regional area. This will translate to five extra points and can make or break your application for Australian PR.

Closer integration with the Australian culture

Class sizes are much smaller in regional universities as compared to the big cities, and instead of being part of a huge faceless student community you can have a much more personal educational experience here. There is a close-knit community and students can get personalized guidance and get to easily meet and know others around them.

Relaxed Lifestyle with City Facilities

Regional cities or towns have a more laid-back, easy-going lifestyle with lower levels of stress. Away from fast-paced city life, students will find plenty of opportunities to relax and become a part of community activities. For instance, in the city, you probably could never getaway for a swim in between classes, but here you will be able to even take time off to go fishing, visit the beach or go trekking, as you wish! Most regional areas are well developed with all basic amenities, but you may need to adjust to the regional culture as in some places shops close as early as 4 p.m.

Stress-free Academics

While education standards are not compromised, you may find that the competition is less in regional universities and you will not find it hard to keep up with the class. Extra attention will be given to those who need support and academics will be relatively stress-free as compared to universities in bigger cities. Regional campuses offer a variety of disciplines, many of which are tailored to the strengths of the local area; such as winemaking or marine biology; and you can choose to explore diverse courses and broaden your learning.

Regional universities offer excellent opportunities to experience Australia’s natural environment. To know more about courses in Australia, do connect with the MWT Education Consultancy team today!