Why your Overseas Study is the Perfect Time to Take Chances!

“Take a chance! All life is a chance. The man who goes farthest is generally the one who is willing to do and dare.” So said Dale Carnegie, and as always, he was absolutely right!

Very often we are scared to take chances, as positive results are not guaranteed. However, it is better to have tried and lost than never to have tried at all! And you will never know what all you can accomplish unless you try. Taking a chance opens you up to new opportunities and wonderful new experiences.

As a study abroad student, there is no better time than now to take chances in your life. Carpe diem—seize the moment—and use every opportunity you get to create beautiful memories. Your best memories of the time spent abroad are not going to be of marks achieved or the time you spent in writing exams. What you will remember all your life are the moments where you stepped outside your comfort zone, took chances and pushed yourself to grow and expand your horizons.

If you are someone who is normally timid and shy and don’t make friends easily, you can choose this time to reinvent yourself and push your fears aside. Be bold; open your mind to creating new friendships and share in the culture of your new friends. Step into the unknown and get pulled into their lives and the local way of living.

Keep a sense of open-mindedness and adventure alive, and you will be sure to have positive experiences. If you don’t do all you can to experience life, especially during this time when so many opportunities are there in front of you, then you will not get anything out of your time abroad other than a foreign degree! Your time abroad is a chance to create interesting stories, to learn from them, and to remember them with fondness many years later!

Never travelled on your own before? Take a chance- you should use this time to travel and explore the places around. Take advantage of your weekends and days off to visit the countryside and neighbouring towns. Once you get a job you will not be able to travel as often as you would like.

Take a chance to expand your creativity. Learn a new language – something you wouldn’t have thought of doing while in your own country! Sign up for music classes, join a hobby club, or learn swimming or dancing. Extra-curricular activities are very much encouraged in most foreign countries, and you should try to make the most of the opportunities you have available.

If you get used to taking a chance on something, you will be able to gain in self-confidence and self-respect, and can break free from the routine way of living and thinking. You can create in yourself the courage to take on new challenges in your career or business. By learning from the difficulties you have overcome, you will be able to face your troubles with equanimity.

So take that leap of faith—take a chance on something, and you may be very glad that you did!