How you can earn money while studying abroad

shutterstock_3189153920Most students find studying overseas to be a very exciting and transformational experience in their lives. Not only can they obtain a quality education, but they can also experience a different culture, make new friends and can travel and see the world.

However many students find that their biggest challenge when it comes to an overseas education is the expenses that it involves. Not only is the tuition expensive, but you have to factor in living costs, cost of accommodation, food and travelling. All these added together translate to a sizeable amount and you may find that you have to be able to generate a dependable source of income to meet all these expenses.

But don’t worry- there are quite a few creative ways in which you can earn enough to be comfortable. Here are some ways to earn money when you study abroad!

Tutor other students. Helping your fellow students or juniors is a great way to refresh your own skills as well as earn some extra income. This is also a great way to improve your English, if English is not your native language. You can also make many friends this way and expand your social network.

Work at home. These days with just a computer and an internet connection you can earn money online. There are many freelancers’ websites like where you can create an account and start earning money from day one. An added advantage is the flexibility of freelance work- you can take on work only when you have the time, not otherwise.

Work part time. Part time work depends on your student visa status. Many countries do not allow students to work, but other countries permit you to take on part time work for a stipulated number of hours a week. You can take on a job that doesn’t require any special additional skills, like one at a fast food joint or a gas station.

Take on seasonal jobs. There are many jobs that open up during the summer season, and you can take on a summer internship or work at a summer camp, for instance. You can take on jobs related to the field of nursing as well, such as that of a nurse at a holiday home.

Babysitting. Babysitting is an easy way to earn quick money and can be a lot of fun, too, if you enjoy being around children! However it’s a huge responsibility so be careful when you take this on. Quite often parents would hire you to just look over sleeping children while they have an evening out, which does not require any special skills.

On-campus jobs. If there are any special events happening at your campus you can always volunteer to undertake marketing or promotions. These may not always pay much, but you can squeeze in some study time while you work.

If you wish to study in Australia, you will find that there are plenty of opportunities available for international students to take on work, and you will get paid well. You will be protected by fair work laws that the Government has in place and will get minimal wage rates everywhere. International students are hired with no questions asked and are treated very well. You can consult with Overseas Education Consultants to learn more.

These are some popular websites that can help you find a job while studying in Australia:

• Australian Job Search (government-funded job search site) –
• Seek –
• My Career –
• CareerOne –

This is an exciting time of your life…so make the most of it! Good luck!